6, October 2015

New Balance Shoes

If you’re not familiar with New Balance Shoes, check out the video below. This is from New York City, and shows how you can customize your very own New Balance shoe for your foot.

What do you look for in a shoe? We look for the following:

  1. Comfort. Or the ability to wear just about any shoe that you can think of any time of the day, no matter the circumstances. You might not be able to wear a New Balance shoe to a very important business meeting in your monkey suit, but we certainly would recommend to your boss that you do.
  2. Made by people who care. New Balance manufactures shoes with a team of about 1300 associates, who mostly reside in New England. You know your shoes are made by people from the great nation of the USA, and are American made through and through. We care about the manufacturing process, and take great pride in all the shoes that we make.
  3. Stylish. There’s so many styles of New Balance shoes to choose from that you won’t have to worry about there being a possibility of you not loving a style of shoe. We have it all, from comfort to athletic to classy. You won’t want to wear another shoe for as long as you live. Nike eat your heart out.
  4. Affordable. Our shoes are affordable for just about everyone. We have shoes that cost over $100, and shoes that cost well under $80. Just depends on what you are looking for. If you want to custom make your very own 574 shoe like the above video shows, then you might be dropping a bit more on a shoe, but if you are okay without a custom design, or custom color (you can still pick the color you want), then you should be able to find a shoe for you under 80 bucks.

What else do you look for in a shoe. Tell us so we can inform our listeners here at NBwomenshoes.com.


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