8, June 2016

How are your tennies holding up lately?

Clearly, we recommend you wear New Balance. No matter what you have been wearing, we believe that the quality of our shoes is so superior to anything that is out there. Why do we believe this?

  1. They are made in America, not in a factory in China with cheap fabrics that break down over time. We carefully craft each shoe to make sure that we would want to wear it.
  2. Each one of our shoes is designed for a different foot. You might pronate, supinate, or your foot might be thick or thin. Whatever your foot size, we have a shoe that will fit you.
  3. Personalization. We can personalize any shoe for you, so if you want to put your logo on the shoe, we can do that for you. If you want an American flag on your shoe and your initials under that, we can do that too. When you order from www.newbalance.com you have the option of customizing. Any questions at all, you can contact us through our website.

Like we spoke about with personalization, here is an example video for the 574 shoe line:

Clearly, this is not one of your employees giving you this review, so you know it’s legit coming from an actual customer.

What else do you need to know about New Balance shoes? You can find our link to wikipedia here.

Any other questions, just contact us and we can help!